Adding a new Dimension to enterprise collaboration

Our SDK helps international teams build the next generation of vehicles, space rockets or collaborate on the next big medical breakthrough.


Leading the way in virtual and augmented reality

Masters of Pie started as an idea in a London cafe. The concept was whether real-time 3D technologies could solve complex problems in the workplace. Once immerse technologies began to emerge this idea evolved into the company vision.

  • Discovery

    The founders recognised that AR and VR can enable solutions that go beyond an alternative workspace: that they can transform the way teams communicate and interact.

  • Solution

    Yet, they also understood that some companies inspired to pursue VR/AR were disappointed to discover that legacy systems are not generally compatible with real-time technology, making it impossible to feed live data into the immersive experience. They set out to solve this.

  • Result

    The result is Radical, the Masters of Pie platform SDK, a technology which will change many industries and move users toward a more natural and immediate way of working. Radical integrates directly into existing software pipelines to enable seamless and secure sharing of complex data across AR, VR, Desktop & Mobile devices.

  • Reality

    Radical gains access to complex data at source to ensure that teams are working with the most up to date information, even where they are miles apart. Bi-directional integration captures all collaboration data and directs it back into the host package. Extending current software pipelines into a new dimension.

Meet your talented team


Matthew Ratcliffe

Leading the technology development and working directly with enterprise technical teams to ensure the full potential of Radical is realised into industry-ready solutions.

Karl Maddix

Karl Maddix

Driving strategy and company vision to place Radical at the core of enterprise wide innovation.