Immersive Collaboration Adoption – Infographic

Immersive Collaboration Adoption

The adoption of real-time immersive collaboration as a way of keeping business continuity is increasing all over the globe. Businesses coming from different industry sectors and different geographic locations are using this technology to overcome travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic while materially increasing productivity and teamwork collaboration.

by Gonçalo Antunes – Marketing Manager at Masters of Pie

In this infographic, we highlight the adoption of the Radical SDK for enabling real-time immersive collaboration – which industry sectors are early adopters of the technology and which countries are winning the race for innovation.

what is immersive collaboration infographic

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About Masters of Pie

Masters of Pie is a London based scale-up software company delivering immersive (VR & AR) collaboration solutions targeting initially the engineering and manufacturing industry. Masters of Pie recently completed a funding round including investment and industry validation of the approach to the Enterprise market from both Williams Advanced Engineering and Bosch Ventures. The investment will accelerate plans to scale the business by expanding the adoption of the Radical software framework into new verticals such as the Defence, Energy and Healthcare sectors.