Introducing Radical

Radical, the Masters of Pie platform SDK, integrates directly into the host applications that hold the data needed by remote-working teams. It enables those applications to support remote collaboration natively, so that access to the data is frictionless and instant.

Radical, the Masters of Pie SDK, has a host of features to augment your software portfolio

  • Direct integration to instantly pull data from source i.e. no re-formatting required
  • Customisable toolkit for vendors to create variety of products for different use cases
  • Data agnostic so that all 3D & 2D data can be supported from any industry
  • Real-time synchronisation via private server deployable on-premise or in the cloud
  • ‘Live’ data retrieval
  • Modular SDK for flexibility over implementation
  • Production-ready to accelerate vendor’s route to market
  • Streaming technology to support all devices AR/VR/desktop & mobile
  • Bidirectional link to host package which can still be accessed in real-time
  • Skinnable UI so products can look & feel like host package
  • Enterprise-grade encryption for maximum security
  • Cross-package compatibility for unified collaboration server offerings


Improve effectiveness of design reviews by securely sharing live design data direct from the CAD package to all stakeholders no-matter what device they are using or where they are located. Capture decisions, annotations and actions by automatically injecting them back into the host package to dramatically reduce risk of error.


Take a virtual tour around architectural models or point cloud survey data at full scale and view your live designs in first-person. Collaborate in real-time, securely and remotely using intuitive tools for more effective decision making at the critical design stage.


Gain a deeper understanding of the problem by immersing yourself in up to date patient data with VR and AR technology. One-click, instant access to the expertise of your team via secure and real-time collaboration capabilities.