Software development kit

The platform for your next generation of collaborative products and features.

“The architectural approach of the Radical platform and its application plugin allows the engineering truth of complex models to be retained whilst still enabling interworking within the restricted modelling world of AR and VR. When fused with IoT instrumentation, the ability to unlock this data marks the start of a digital twin’s journey on a digital thread.”

Ian Hughes Senior Analyst, IoT, AR, VR at 451 Research


The flexibility of the Radical platform provides the framework for multiple products, from lightweight apps to heavyweight server setups. Each can be easily tailored to look and feel just like the host application, with deep integration to seamlessly share live, complex 2D/3D data in real time and to any device.


  • Proven technology already in market with leading software providers.
  • Minimal skill level requirements for commercial partners to rapidly integrate full platform features into existing legacy product portfolios.
  • Fast track your route to market with native support for real time collaboration and immersive devices.
  • Unify your disparate product offerings with a single collaboration server and consistent immersive environments.
  • Full expert support package available for commercial partners.